Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I snapped this piece of skywriting on Sunday afternoon at Bondi Beach. I had trouble taking my eyes off the frothy surf, which was like a salty Pavlova filled with surfboards and titties.

Then i looked up.

Gotta hand it to the pilot. His, um, `handwriting' is damn neat considering he's 10,000 feet up and racing against shifts in the stratosphere.

Personally i can't wait for Stereosonic. It hits Sydney on November 28 and will be headlined by Deadmau5, Axwell, Fedde Le Grand and Laurent Garnier.

It'll be another Pavlova, filled with skinny jeans and titties this time.

Image editing by Melvyn Knipe.


Anonymous said...


Eleventh Commandment said...

this post makes me excited and hungry

Acid Midget said...

Good to see you guys are as excited as I am.

Anonymous said...

invented a new word - OMGUBERFKNTITTEHS!