Saturday, July 3, 2010

exit through the gift shop pop-up gallery, newtown

(Pop-up gallery entrance, next to Dendy Cinemas)

If you want to see Banksy artworks in Sydney, head to the pop-up gallery next door to the Dendy in Newtown.

What you'll see is a collection of street-inspired artworks by Banksy, Shepard Fairey and other artists. 2026 has also taken up quite a bit of space on the gallery's walls - great to see.

These works are for sale.

Banksy's Queen Victoria is available for AUD$6000.

The irony of this retail concept is Exit Through the Gift Shop mocks the profit-driven exhibition machine.

The film makes statements which criticise galleries and giftshopism where you:

1. Walk into a gallery
2. Inhale some art
3. Get high on its 'transcendental qualities' (oops I just farted)
4. Hand over some money at the gift shop as you leave (I think we're all guilty of this)
5. Place these captured memories on the mantelpiece for friends 2 see

But then, either to take the piss, or as a clever business move, Banksy and Shepsy sell the art they've already publicised in the film.

The gallery closes tomorrow.

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Queen Elizabeth II said...

I wish Victoria would sit on my face. Heeheehee.