Sunday, February 13, 2011

Banksy banned from Oscars

Banksy's film Exit Through the Tool Shed has been nominated for the Academy Award for Best Documentary.

The popular British artist became famous for targeting the media with snarky, anti-consumerist and anti-capitalist stencils, sculptures and lavender scented bath bombs.

Banksy is renowned for maintaining anonymity since his career took off in the 1990s. Does this mean he lives in isolation and never interacts with anyone to maintain his secret?


Many people have benefited since he went viral. Without the web or newspapers he'd be anonymous and unknown.

Anyway, according to The Wrap, at the recent Oscar nominees luncheon Academy executive director Bruce Davis and Academy president Tom Sherak told Exit's producer Jaimie D'Cruz they didn't want Banksy to claim the award if he won:

"'The reason we had that conversation," Sherak said, "was that we had to make sure we were all comfortable with what would happen if he was to win, knowing that he doesn't want anybody to know who he is."
If Banksy isn't comfortable showing his face on the Kodak stage, Sherak said, then the Academy isn't comfortable having him on that stage."

Would the 'documentary' as an art form 'shit itself' if Exit Through the Back Door wins the Oscar?

Who gives a shit. This video is hilarious:

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