Sunday, July 3, 2011

Darlinghurst street art, Sydney **UPDATED**

 (Langley St, Darlinghurst, Sydney)

The back streets of Darlinghurst often reveal exciting pieces of street art. Exciting because you might not expect them as you turn a corner or step out of a window.

The angel in this wheatpaste masks its face in shame. Sad.

This one is from Sydney artist Ears. Haven't seen much by Ears lately, although there are plenty of his pieces at retail outlets and cafes around Sydney and Melbourne.


I've seen this dashing duck before but can't remember who does them. If you know please get in touch and I will update.

**UPDATE: This is by Numskull. Thanks to Colin for the heads up.

 This is a collaboration between Beastman and Ears. What I'd like to see them create one beast. What would that look like? What's your biggest fetish? There, you have it.

This one is apparently by Sam Aja. It reminds me of a body tracing on Denison St, Newtown in this post.

I'm not sure who did the next two, although it's probably obvious to you. Let me know the name if you do.

**UPDATE: Thanks again to Colin for letting me know these cone head pieces by Max Berry.

Do you sometimes dream images likes this? Does it remind you of when you were young?

Another one from Ears. Are his masked characters just like us? They have multiple faces/personalities. They look unhappy.

Thank you for watching.



Colin Hubert said...

The first one you didn't know, the duck, is either Yok or Numskull. I always get their stuff mixed up.

The two figures with cone hats above their heads are Max Berry.

Acid Midget said...

Thanks Colin - all updated!