Friday, February 10, 2012

Lana Del Rey: Born to Cancel

I don't normally publish fly-posters because they are part of the advertising machine that is polluting the streets.

There was one time I did though.

But I thought these Lana Del Rey posters were funny, considering the US pop star cancelled her first Australian tour this week. The posters were pushing her debut album Born To Die, but it makes you wonder - are they trying to quell the backlash from dumping her Australian fans?

I think these posters are funny because A) Del Rey has big, fat, fake, sexy lips, and B) This is either a failed advertising exercise or the machine monetising her 'brand' wants to help you forget about it via lips/marketing products/sexual juggernauts.

Do you think Lizzie Del Rey is sexxi? Should Acid Midget give her 8/10? Or does canceling her tour knock it down to 7.99/10?

These posters were up on Great North Rd, Five Dock, in Sydney's inner west this morning.

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Pictures: Fistful of Sound, Global Grind.


Sydney Hipster Poster Ads

1 comment:

Steve said...

Lana Del Rey is the worst ever. Vapid, beige girl pop that was nice for a day or two.

Saddens/infuriates me to see people getting sucked into the carefully manufactured hype.

AM can give her a 4.5/10. She's not that great.