Monday, September 21, 2009


Some random photography from around Sydney:

Awesome graffiti sighted, pretty blonde rollerbladed into the frame, then stopped in the body of the painted image, just as the shot is taken.

This image was taken on Bourke St, on the way to Taylor Square. Had to stop for a little muff. Yum.

Lamp and mattress installation inside the lift to my apartment. The artist is unknown.

Fucking Surry Hills hipsters. They're everywhere. Now you can even pick them up at the shopping village like a fucking frozen meal. Rad bag though.

Enjoy some new Major Lazer. In my opinion this is the hottest track off their album Guns Don't Kill People...Lazers Do. Trust me, you should poke someone special to this song. Comments on the poke you end up having are welcome. Unless you're a hipster, in which case give me your number.


Anonymous said...

I love you! x

Anonymous said...

that is one hot bag

Acid Midget said...

Love you too. But i'd prefer if you took off that mask x

Yes the bag is divine.

Anonymous said...

I poked my girlfriend to this song last night, after i downloaded it into my iTunes.

We smoked good weed, then poured olive oil over our bodies and massaged each other.

I fucked her against the wall in my bedroom, then on the floor, then on the bathroom basin. The oil really helped make it more sensual.

We made our way into the kitchen, where we made a 'salad' (i rammed veges inside her) and then ended up on the TV in the living room.

Then my housemate walked in. We wer so flustered and she had cmoe so many times that it became delirium. I asked him to join in. He was a bit nervous, but my girlfriend helped him out with some fish-oil fellatio.

We both ended up giving her a mouthful on the balcony.

When it dried, the cum that had dripped down her oily chest looked like scars.

Thanks so much for this post.

Steve said...

superb use of italics

Acid Midget said...

Steve mang, i thought the same thing when 'the voice' told me to italicise.

sb. said...

Whoever left that epic comment - I commend you.

You've made my night.

Acid Midget said...

I'm very glad this blog has helped your wankstasies, skunk bitch.

Tony Abbott said...

riding in trollies can be very dangerous. I know this from my time in parliament

Tony Abbott is also a skunk bitch.

-Tony Abbott