Thursday, December 10, 2009

with intent to fornicate

People live above Pocket Bar, so you better not have a good fucking time.

Sit down, order your Pimm's and lemonade and shut the FUCK UP.

Otherwise the Pocket Police will rock up in skinny jeans, slung below that tuft of hair between their ______ and _____sack, to arrest you for socialisation with intent to fornicate.

But, um, Pocket Bar closes at midnight every night. Who’s in bed before 12 on weekends anyway, apart from you and i?



fkn. said...

"slung below that tuft of hair between their TITTEHS and TITTEHsack"?

Acid Midget said...

Great teamwork dude.

Belinda Neal said...

I intend to fornicate with YOU. Whether you like it or not.

Tony Abbott said...

I have seen Belindas 'tittehs'. They are strange. This is something I learned in parliament.

Zilka said...

Have you also seen Della Bosca's tittehs, Tony? Or does your almighty reach not extend to State Parliament?