Thursday, November 19, 2009

getting to third base

This image is on the Meridian International School’s exterior wall at Waterloo St. It depicts a Surrealist landscape appropriating the Adam and Eve story from The Book of Genesis.

To the right of the frame Eve faces a large hand. She is denoted by her voluptuous figure.

Looking away from this scene is a sombre Adam. Holding a beer in his left hand, he knows Eve is leading him toward death. But he’s a bit pissed and wants to get to third base before dinner.

Then Lucifer, the serpent wrapped around the hand, beckons these kiddies toward The Theme Park of Eden to eat the Toffee Apple of Knowledge.

“It’sss tempting, isssn’t it kidsss?” Lucifer says.

They buy tickets, hop on the ‘coaster and experience the greatest euphoria of their immortal existence.

But they want more.

They keep returning, only to find each time less exciting than the last. That first rush is almost in grasp, but falls farther away.

Now they’re exhausted, it’s getting late and Adam hasn’t even tickled the butterfly yet.

Hold on. Who's that waiting at the rollercoaster’s apex?


Acid Midget said...

Yes, voluptuous figure = TITTEHS

Anonymous said...

good to see you agree.

next step = renaming the blog to "Acid TITTEHS" with the URL ""

kthnx bai ^_^

Acid Midget said...

That's a superb idea.

You wanna write on it together?

We'll have one tit each.

fkn. said...


my email is

add me so i can post.


Acid Midget said...

TITTEHS 4EVA but why does this idea scare me?

I can't let you write for acidtittehs until we hook up. Sorry, it's editorial policy.

You also need to be less than 3-feet in height.

Do you fit the bill?

fkn. said...

overwhelming disappointment.

Acid Midget said...

Do you live in Surry Hills?

fkn. said...

no, it's only for hipsters apparently. with TITTEHS!!! WOO!!! YEH!!!