Tuesday, December 22, 2009

animal collective

I saw Animal Collective at the Enmore on December 11.

They were unbelievable. Thinking it's the best gig i've seen.


Before the doors opened a Hipster Collective filled quickly out front.

Seems skinny jeans are out and slim trousers have taken over. So has an indie-intellectual aesthetic, i.e. have a shower and polish ur boots.
Bachelorette played a support slot. Made my eyes dribble. Her accent made me cringe (kiwi).

Then Animal Collective came out and picked up their instruments (samplers/sticks). Noticed a weird art-banner at the back of the stage with a huge mermaid on it. It all seemed pretty placid.
Then INSANE lights started flashing in time with the music.

There were atomic strobe lights interspersed with red/blue/purple/green lights that flashed across the stage and inside tables the band’s equipment was on.
You've seen the cover art for their latest album Merriweather Post Pavilion? Do you like the optical illusion?

Well that mermaid banner DID THE EXACT SAME THING TO OUR EYES as the cover. The lights behind it made it appear to move back and forth. It was so trippy. Then the strobes would come on again. Then back to the marine colour lights. I was in a daze.
The mermaid and marine colours tied into the water motif running through their music. Seems to be Panda Bear’s influence; his solo work has water samples too. So well thought out.

Then the music. It was…wait for it…INCOMPARABLY BETTER THAN THE STUDIO ALBUM. They had long improv-type interludes between every song that sometimes went for 10 minutes. Then they'd lead into each track with tiny hints of a chord/riff and the audience went crazy.

Had some ravey beats and some hip-hop beats. I went from jumping up and down to being completely calm, depending on the songs they played.


After the gig came the Hipster Convergence. Spectators didn't want to kick on at a pub or go home. They all wanted to stand IN THE FUCKING DOORWAY.

Many of us were barged onto Enmore Rd. Made me happy.
Then we realised it was over. One of the last gigs Animal Collective would play for their Merriweather Post Pavilion tour. One of the last great gigs of the decade.

I wasn't down. Seeing them live confirmed their buzzband hype across the blogosphere. It's true. Animal Collective is unique. Their music represents our 'taste' in world music. It represents our post new-rave wardrobes. It represents the 'me' in all of us.


fkn. said...

more like TITTEH collective!

merry TITTEHmas all!


Acid Midget said...

merry TITTEHmas to you too.