Wednesday, May 12, 2010

street art in the blue mountains

This stencil was in Katoomba, the Blue Mountains tourist hub. I was surprised to see this - well, any street art actually - as the overwhelming quietness in the streets sent a signal to my brain. This signal was carried by a midget in a postman's uniform, who held a lollipop sign that said 'STOP' on both sides.

He walked behind my eyes and into the depths of the grey mass, sloshing around as if fighting a waterbed. He began to beat to shit out of my cerebrum. As he did it his brows turned inward, forming a hairy 'V' between his eyes.

I felt a dullness of thought, but ignored it. I was busy eating overpriced tapas. Chicken tenderloins, chickpea and eggplant, chat potatoes. The public holiday surcharge apparently applied on weekends too. How thoughtless of me.

The imprisoning quiet is no place for creativity, i thought. I was wrong. Perhaps all this time in the inner-city has blunted my senses.

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Bro said...

I like how she's waving a flag of sin.