Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dalai Lama x Optimus Prime stencil on University of Western Sydney sign

School of Communication Arts, UWS

Apart from having a chilled lifestyle and time to engage in the weed-sex ritual, uni students also deface shit to unleash the left-wing activist inside them.

The result of this defacation could be as above (so below), with the head of the Dalai Lama stamped on the body of Optimus Prime in this piece on a UWS sign. Feel that this omniscient figure could 'save the world' via peace, harmony and a monopoly on the energon trade.

After challenging mainstream ideas while failing one-third of their Arts degree after a gap year taken over two, these students would find their place in the world. This place is filled with booze and sex and acid.

Later on, they 'graduate from life' and settle down to start a family.

"Daddy, what's energon?"
"Well, while I was at uni..."


Anonymous said...

I really want energon cubes.
Nice work!

Dude said...

I guess street art is filling with 90s references all le time.
Banksy should do something on the ninja turtles dressed as catholic priests.

Cosmic Boom said...

those so called paper really rise the trasformers within you.....boom