Sunday, November 21, 2010

Houl paste-ups outside dilapidated warehouse

 (All images: Botany Road, Alexandria, Sydney)

I went to Midas yesterday to pick up my car, which was in for an oil change.

Apparently the car was falling to pieces. Luckily the Midas mechanic was there to help.

He said "mate, you Midas well have the best", and charged me more than $400 for oil, a little bit of air-con gas and some paper for an invoice.

Anyway, on the way there I saw Houl paste-ups on the front of a warehouse.

It continued over a few buildings, side-by-side, which were run-down and abandoned.

There was evidence that graffiti writing and street arting took place inside these buildings; dozens of beer bottles were piled up behind boarded windows.

This character looks like a geriatric snail shell-headed dude with long arms and tuft of muff tucked under the nose, hunch hints this too, but blue eyes hide hints of youth and proof of age.

The hair I can't explain.

I'm not sure if Houl made this bone burger.

UPDATE: Thanks goes out to Skel E Tor, who commented on Facebook that these two burger paste-ups are by SMC3 from his Eat Shit and Die series.

Is Skel E Tor and SMC3 the same dude?

Or this devil burger.

Colin said this could be a Konsumterra piece in my last post on the Grafton Street wall in Chippendale.


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