Saturday, January 22, 2011

Mini Graf Obey, Krafty, Imposters wheatpaste **UPDATED**

(Images: Darlinghurst Road, Darlinghurst)

**UPDATE: Thanks to a commenter who said this is by Mini Graf. **

Found this little wheatpaste outside a construction site in Darlinghurst.

I'm not sure what's being built there, but the artist might.

This poster depicts a public house which looks like a suburban home. Odd. It also has commercial logos tagged all over.

These are:

"OBEY", well that's a reference to the Shepard Fairey slogan, however, this version uses eBay typography.

"KRAFTY", mmmm love a bit of Krafty on my toast.

"IMPOSTERS" - that's a hit at Australian beer brewer Fosters. This company thinks if it re-badges Stella Artois as a locally made beer, which it has, it will make an easy buck.

Too bad it tastes like a locally made beer re-badged as Stella Artois (Stella is from Belgium).

I've seen the 'couple' standing in the pub's window outside the Hopetoun Hotel:

It's a clue to who the artist is. Please comment below if you know and I'll update this post.

Here's the building behind where the poster was pasted. Will it be a pub/bar as the poster suggests?

Does Alcostralia really need another licensed venue?

More at Mini Graf's site.


Anonymous said...

Mini Graf

Acid Midget said...

Thanks! Updated!