Friday, February 25, 2011

SYDNEY: Phil James art cunt poster

 (Images: Devonshire and Crown Sts, Surry Hills, Sydney)

Found this wheatpaste as I was walking home from Central Station.

I'd been missing a street art FACE SLAP; so many artists doing quirky, hipster-centric stencils and paste-ups aimed at the granny sector.

But this faux pop-art poster depicts Homer Simpson's hard penis at the moment before insertion into Mrs Krabappel's butthole.

So many creative plains on which to deconstruct this work. Such a rich, generous piece of art.

This is by some dude called Phil James. No one knows who he is.

Judging by the poster's placement, across the road from the Ray Hughes Gallery, he's probably a struggling artist sending a message to the cunts who won't exhibit his incredible work.

See some more blogs that don't know who the fuck Phil James is:

Darlinghurst Nights said: "I've no idea who this Phil James guy is."

Ray Hughes Gallery said: "Content coming soon."

Photo a Day said: "Will the real Phil James please stand up?"

Is Phil James the new Warhol?


Acid Midget said...

Here's an interview with James:

Slut Hoez said...

It has been a while since he updated, but here's this... after a simple google search.