Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Artist: Phil James

(Devonshire St, Surry Hills, Sydney)

Street art cunt Phil James is back up again in Sydney.

This piece was a few metres down from the Ray Hughes Gallery. He has a working relationship with the gallery but is attacking it with post-post-modern posters to drum up publicity for an upcoming film called Exit Through the Ray Hughes Gallery Ya Cunts.

Mainstream copycat broadcaster 'Channel Nine' is lifting this article as you read this.

Do you think this is a clever representation of the decay Marilyn Monroe's image has suffered? Have artists and writers and humans with low self-esteem but high expectations ruined the perfect narrative of Monroe's life/suicide?

Is this poster a critique of art's decay since Warhol changed the industry's focus from 'celebrating technical achievement' to 'making headlines'?

Do I have spinach between my teeth?

Acid Midget has reported that Phil James could be the next Warhol (see related posts). This is evident in James' overt references to Warhol's work and non-subtle attempts to rip him off.

At least Phil Jameshol throws in ironic 'graffiti-decay' imagery to give his audience a reason to stop and look.


Who is Sydney artists Phil James?

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