Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lipton Ice Green Tea art mural

(Via Wooster Collective)

This clip depicts several 'street artists' painting a wall in Surry Hills, Sydney, to popularise the Lipton Ice Green Tea brand.

Lipton provided the paint and 'grass' for the mural with money they made from creating sugar cavities in human mouths. The mural features a lady/tranny with long tranny hair blowing green marijuana leaves across Transylvania via the Blue Mountains.

Do you feel connected to the Lipton Meth Green Weed brand after watching this?

Green helmet pussy cat: "Have you tried real green tea? Like, even just the shit available in Japanese vending machines?"
You: "Er, no."
Cat: "Lipton's doesn't taste like that. It tastes like extremely sweet water infused with chemicals which remind brain receptors of green tea."

Liption has dubbed this 'urban arts initiative' Project Green. The word 'initiative', however, is a falsification of what this project is. Take out the PR spin. It's a marketing campaign which uses a buzz trend to reach a target market - under-35 urbanites.

Would the target market be reached more effectively with a campaign called 'Project Weed'?


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