Thursday, November 24, 2011

MELBOURNE: Shepard Fairey Obey Sticker

(St Kilda Beach, Melbourne)

Here is one of street artist Shepard Fairey's cool Obey posters on a light pole in Melbourne. I noticed heaps of these popping up in Sydney last month. You know, I see Sherpard Fairey as a sort of Jack Dawson from James Cameron's film flop Titanic. He's a real 'everyday' hero, don't you think?

I had a dream last night that Fairey was on the sinking Titanic with British artist Banksy. And here's what they said (don't tell anyone):

Shepard Fairey: I'll never let go Banksy. I'll never let go.
Banksy: Mate, stop rubbing that f-cking car window. You'll leave streaks on it.
SF: This is a special moment. Do you want to draw me without any clothes on?
B: Er, no. I want to punch you in the face. You have a nice nose.
SF: Have you ever read the street art blog Acid Midget? There's some cool sh-t on there.
B: I've heard about it. Seems like a hipster fag blog.
SF: It is, but aside from that there's lots of...oh wait THIS SHIP IS F-CKING SINKING.
B: What ship?
SF: The metaphorical ship of the street art movement! We need to get as many headlines in The Guardian as possible before everyone realises street art is no longer cool unless it's in a 450-page coffee table book!
B: You have nice breasts.
SF: Oh, thanks. You can touch them if you want.
B: Mate, what's are you sniffing? If you're not going to be printed on page one I can't touch you.
SF: One last hurrah before we drown?

Scene ends with gushing water enveloping our two lovers. Fade to black.


Shepard Fairey, Obama and the Obey Sticker

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