Monday, November 7, 2011

Street sign sticker art

(Denison St, Newtown)

Where have you been? I've been walking the streets. I feel at home walking around because I'm a bit of a social outcast.

I walked to Newtown yesterday to buy drugs and I saw this sticker on a street sign. I paused before crossing the road. I was on the lookout for fragile mothers with innocent children.

But before I had even looked around for cars, or children, or mums/moms/milfs, I saw a turquoise sticker stuck to the sign.

I had a double-take to make sure what I saw was real. Yes. The end of a penis was shooting R18+ contents into the mum's open, gagging mouth. Gagh-gagh-gagh.

I giggled after the initial shock. Then I began to worry about the kid. Should it be exposed to the 'real' world yet? Does he/she know how it was conceived?

Is crossing the road safe any more?


Anonymous said...

But Omar, this means she's not going to get knocked up. To me it's symbolic of harm reduction and making the best of things

Acid Midget said...

Hahaha: "making the best of things". I like the way you look at this. We understand each other.