Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Anthony Lister mural in Sydney

Globetrotting artist Anthony Lister recently visited Sydney to paint this mural, which was found in Darlinghurst by an Acid Midget reader who submitted the photo. Lister does these murals when he isn't staging anti-Australian exhibitions, making drunk scribbles or scrawling aerosol around das Berlin. Er ist ein Übermensch.

What do you think an artist of Lister's calibre charges for a mural like this? And how do you think this compares to what he makes for canvases? A muralist recently told me the difference is significant. So how do even mid-level artists - whether bonafide street artists or just art school-trained bros painting for the lower classes - reconcile the difference between what business owners pay for paint versus collectors?

Yes, they are different mediums for separate audiences. Canvas is preserved indoors. Murals are weather-damaged and sometimes have "TOY" or "ART FAG" sprayed on top by low-level taggers using authenticity as an excuse to remain insignificant.

While money makes you unhappy, watch this short film that splices stock footage Lister supplied from his travels:

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