Friday, October 16, 2009

sightings part III

Found this installation of photographic prints on a rendered wall along Esther Lane, Surry Hills. The glue has soaked through the paper, which actually blended it well with the stained wall. It's signed "Work by Johnny, Feel Too Good". Yes i feel great too. Maybe you didn't and that's why there's a chunk of cement knocked out of the wall, removed by your beautiful forehead.

Oooh i'm playing Siriusmo, so good in my earphones. This old warehouse-cum-gallery is adjacent to the above image. It's the Ray Hughes Gallery, a private collection of contemporary art set within the musky smell of fresh paint and hipster farts. It's beautiful even if you're not into art.

The next four images are a series of graffiti works on Violet and Whittell Sts that rocked my socks. I'd just been to Bourke St Bakery and, croissants in hand, snapped this hatted French man, beside which floated a turquoise skull. The black/white/khaki colour scheme works well with the surrounding environment. I'd say the skull was painted by a leecher-on.

Boner time. This is probably one of He-Man's concubines as she hunts down Skeletor or, um, Megatron. Either way the artist's African heroine meets Baywatch babe idea was pure genius. If this gun-toting slut were made into a figurine, well, none of us would be painting walls and writing blogs.

Way cool alert: this spade-handed psychedelic geisha is about to FUCK SOMEONE UP.
"Mr Writer man, hand over those delicious croissants or i shall fuck you up with my green-as-envy spades. Come now, don't make me rrrepeat myself."
I was down at the bakery again before lunch. To the artist - you owe me breakfast. DON'T MAKE ME RRREPEAT MYSELF.

This graffiti piece is way longer than it looks. Dear readers, the iPhone was not made for anything more than Facebook poses and drunken sex-snaps grrr. Without a wide-angle lens i had to stand on one side and use the power of perspective to include the entire piece. The colour choice is punk at best (which is still great) but i suppose for the words to stand out the background must be dark. Still, props to the artist, it was much needed respite after the spading i received earlier.


Eleventh Commandment said...

nice blog omar. i'm ray and steve's friend henry

oi you should check this vid out. it's all about fucking hipsters. might make you giggle


Acid Midget said...

Hey henry thanks for the comment. And thanks for the link, will defs check it out when I get to a pc, my phone doesn't play it.
Cool blog too, when I get a blogroll on here we'll do swapsies.
I really love ray and steve.