Saturday, December 26, 2009

mr squiggle vs crack cocaine

Shot this graffiti portrait in Kings Ln, Darlinghurst.

Now i realise it's hard to prove, but this appears to be painted with only two lines.

The first is basically the freak's entire head and its features, the second is the little tuft of hair on top.

The practicalities of creating street art like this - i.e. dude, hurry the fuck up before the rozzers get here - has directly influenced its aesthetic qualities.

These include intuitive use of line, repetition of concentric circles, using an inverse colour to the panel, improvisation.

"I'm in a rush, i'm nervous", the artist says.

In a sense this reflects on the artist. Without any other evidence it could therefore be considered a self-portrait.

 Another squiggle portait found in Holdsworth Ln, Paddington.

I think it's painted with only one line. It's also quite large, the top is probably about 2m from the road.

Note the inverse colours again. Simple (yet) effective.

These pieces show that the human face is simply made of circles and triangles.

Remember seeing a Da Vinci sketch for his giant Horse. At its most basic the sketch is little more than well-placed circles.


fkn. said...

painted with only one TITTEH!

that's real skill.

Zilka said...

I know who you are, fkn