Saturday, January 2, 2010

miss u hoey

The sudden closure of the Hopetoun Hotel in September created a rift in Sydney’s live music scene.

It's still unclear what's going to happen, but what's certain is the public outpouring for it to reopen.

Gig-goers and hipsters have asked all the questions - has it been bought yet? Did council demanded safety upgrades, coupled with the GFC, lead to its insolvency? Are the owners too busy on TweetBook? Are pokies the only reason people went there? Does my ass look better in denim or custard?

Everyone’s still waiting for a resolution.


In the interim the building has become a shrine to “remembering a venue bands got their first gig at”.

Here are comments written on boards nailed to the hotel's doors:

- Royal commission required!!

- I love Hoey xxx

- The Toun needs its Hope back!

- How many more Clover?

- Who needs CCTV anyway? It’s crap.

- It’s all love baby – the rest is just filler!!

- Love Hoey

- Hoey – the safest pub in Sydney

- New York never sleeps – Sydney snores!!

This situation is obviously difficut to resolve. Might need some buzz marketing, like FBi Radio's Ask Richard campaign. The owners need to get some shit happening.


Snapped this print next to the Hoey on Bourke St. The artist portrays four figures facing the hotel within a fragmented, psychedelic landscape.

Two figures look like Street Judges dragging along a pair of unshaven accountants/lawyers marked by their evanescent pallor.

Could this be what really happened the day the Hoey closed?


Geist Bites said...

I clocked you while commenting on Hipster Runoff.

I like this blog.

Trust Your Technolust

Acid Midget said...

Good to hear from you.

Like ur blog too. Makes me feel good.

See you at HRO.