Friday, April 23, 2010

artist: said dokins

(Plaza del Aguilita, Mexico City)

This is called Avionazo en la Plazuela (Plane Crash in the Square) and was created by Said Dokins, next to a squatter camp.


Is it an analogy for the authorities dropping 'motherfucking bombs' on these squatters? How do you attack people that want to remain invisible? Do we follow orders because we're socialised to obey authority, or because we're a 'bunch of pussies'?

Is it a parody of a terrorist attack ala 9-11? Do politicians only throw around 'paper rhetoric' to scare people into social contortionism? Does an attack on squatters always end up 'missing the target'?

Is Said Dokins insisting we throw paper planes around? Is he being 'childish'? Or do we not get how 'meta' this mixed-media installation is?

How many questions have you asked of a street artwork? 

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