Monday, May 31, 2010

more street art at the hopetoun, surry hills

(Fitzroy St, Surry Hills)

Found this poster on a board at the Hopetoun Hotel. Yes. The hotel is still closed. Unlike the Tote in Melbourne, which was saved recently by new owner Seventh Tipple, according to Crikey (link).

Not sure what this boy stands for.

Is he David, facing Goliath with a mean-ass rock at his feet?
Was the rock thrown at him and now he's mad pissed?
Did he own a popular Sydney pub that 'went down the shitter' but doesn't have the balls to fight financial hardship?
Is he the underdog, at the climax of battle?
Is he a little chub, hinting that children eat too many burgers these days?
Does he feel guilty for littering, or is it council's job to clean up after us because we for pay its salaries/luxury business trips?
Have you ever faced your demons, but hesitated with a look of 'i shat my undies' on your face?


Acid Giant said...

What's that stuff dripping down his leg?

Godot said...

Found it. Thanks. You beat me this time.

Acid Midget said...

I didn't know it was a race...