Tuesday, April 20, 2010

interview: 2026

Bondi-based street artist 2026 imagines a modern dystopia in stencils and posters marked by a contrast between social decay, punk sarcasm and the objectification of women. Whether interpreted for social commentary, cynical critique or ironic bunny ears, 2026 makes statements and asks questions with street art in almost equal measure.

Apart from working in Sydney, 2026 has also posted in Paris, Sao Paulo and New York with the help of Eric Marechal's Street Art Without Borders project, in which he takes street art submitted by post and pastes it around the world.

I got in contact with 2026 to find out which street artists are an inspiration and about street art in decrepit spaces.

How long have you been a street artist?

I've always loved images with strong contrast. Positive and negative space. 1960's pop art was more of an influence for me than the graf scene. So I'm pretty new school with the street thing. My obsession with decayed spaces, crumbly walls and Krylon is more recent.


Do you work in media other than stencils?

I'm testing out a fire hydrant at the moment. My neighbour's not to pleased. Her rhubarb is blue.

What areas have you stenciled/posted at?

Bondi, Surry Hills, St Peters. Paris, Sao Paulo and Naples (posted by Eric Marechal, Street Art Without Borders project). New York (ARC).


Why did you get into street art?

Bondi. Street art seemed the perfect forum for social commentary. It's evolving into a bigger project.

(Sao Paulo)

Do you have a favourite street artist/bomb? Why?

Well. That's a tricky one. Obviously Banksy's a pretty smart guy. I love the wit and intelligence. But that would be too easy... and too mainstream, as they say in Shoreditch. Pure Evil was the guy that inspired me to start painting. Krink's work is totally beautiful. As is Eelus. But every day I am blown away by the amazing artists I meet on Flickr and Facebook. There is an endless amount of talent and inspiration out there.

See more 2026 here.


Anonymous said...

what an awesome photographic series. really interesting work you're doing 2026.

keep it up!

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SteuK said...

haha i guess i got my answer now...

that's really cool, cos i see 2026's work on my way home, every day - and i love it

thanks for that blog - the pictures are amazing :)