Wednesday, April 21, 2010

street art themed mazda cx-7 commercial

Mazda marketing executive 1: (sniffs) So in yesterday's meeting we decided to find a niche subculture to latch onto for the CX-7 ad campaign.

Mazda marketing executive 2: What did you guys come up with?

MME1: Um, nothing yet (sniffs again).

MME2: Well I've got an idea I want to pitch. You might be interested.

MME1: Yeah? Tell me about it.

MME2: (Motions hands as if reading a billboard) STREET ART; the future of the art world. Just picture alleyway galleries that drivers of our new CX-7 can see as they're out living their busy lives.

MME1: (Racks a line off an iPad) Want some? It's direct from Columbia, via Mexico.

MME2: Not yet. I gotta see my daughter for lunch. She's in town with my ex-wife. It'll look good to see her before the next custody hearing.

MME1: All good. So you were saying something about street galleries?

MME2: So I think we should align our brand with street art subculture. It proves Mazda is creative, daring and isn't afraid to express itself. Just like our customers, right?

MME1: Fuck yeah! (they slap hands in agreement, laughing).

MME2: What about this for the voice-over? 'Being fresh and original is quite an art. To see it surprises. To experience it excites'.

MME1: (Rubs nose) Then we could finish it with 'Mazda call it CX-7'. Fucking perfect! (they slap hands again, laughing).

MME2: Yeah, then heads on fly posters will turn as it drives past.

MME1: Awesome. I'll propose it in today's meeting. We could shoot it in Sydney and have it airing on the major networks by next month. Where do you come up with this shit? You're like the modern Don Draper.

MME2: I've seen posters in the streets. A few blogs might've given me some ideas too. Fucking bloggers.


Godot said...

"CX-7" sounds suggestive of 'sex heaven'

That only occurred to me on reading your blog. Thanks.

Must have been your skill in setting up the title.

Acid Midget said...

Haha thanks Colin, it never even occurred to me :)

sb. said...

i love that it's all about a "different life" but in fine print it says "luxury sports model shown". ha.

dems my marketing brothas.

Anonymous said...

@sb so let me guess, you have an ipad too?