Saturday, May 29, 2010

artist: zap

(Fitzroy St, Surry Hills)

It's been raining consistently in Sydney for the past couple of weeks. I had to stand in the drizzle to get a snap of this poster. I like it. As a psychedelic comic piece it's average, but the overall meaning isn't clear from a few metres away.

A 1950s rear-engine race car is caught by a giant hand, in a forest somewhere. What, the fuck, is going on here? Let's read the speech bub-bub-bubble:

So someone, probably the driver, is telling Zap to 'abort' the journey they're on. They are ants in a world of giants. They're fighting overwhelming odds. They must escape. They will lose.

Is this a metaphor for the corporate clutch holding the art industry by the balls/car?
Does the public need to escape coercion by the agenda-setting elite classes?
Is it referencing an episode of Speed Racer that i missed?

Luv u Zap.

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Anonymous said...

Loves it