Friday, May 7, 2010 'leaks' splendour lineup, swipes acid midget

Image via Splendour's website.

This year's Splendour In The Grass - the one with the epic lineup - has already sold out according to inthemix. The headliners include The Strokes, The Pixies, LCD Soundsystem, Hot Chip, Grizzly Bear etc., so it's no surprise tickets sold like biddings at an eBay virginity auction. There isn't a lineup i've seen, in recent memory, that can compare to it.

Now that's something, considering the Parklife '09 lineup made me jizz in my pants.

In a bid to get an 'exclusive scoop' on the announcement, released a Splendour lineup leak (link) in March. But unfortunately their "reliable whisperer" wasn't entirely accurate in their prediction. This may have been intentional.

This is who they predicted:

The Pixies
The Strokes
Florence + The Machine
Smashing Pumpkins
Hot Chip
Mumford & Sons
LCD Soundsystem
Bat For Lashes

Neither Smashing Pumpkins nor Bat For Lashes will be at Splendour. Also, the 'deductive techniques' that Pedestrian used to prove its case were 'kind of shit'. The argument for the Pumpkins was "you just never know". With Bat For Lashes it was "nothing specific. Pedestrian staff members just think Natasha Khan is totally hot".

This article generated negative criticism in the comments section. The Acid Midget was one of the detractors. Others followed suit, but focused more on where the midget could get some 'bitchin' LSD':

A staff writer, seeing that comments were generally negative or 'totally gushed' over the Acid Midget, edited the final line of the article:

To say all eight bands would be there, then place a bet, meant the writer believed they were correct. Otherwise they'd be asking to lose.

Pedestrian. You owe me a high five. And some ______.


Acid TV said...

hahaha why did they make it personal?

ok i'm going to stop laughing. i didn't get a splendour ticket.

Anonymous said...

Aww you're on pedo tv. You're, like, kinda famous bro

sb. said...

Haha, awesome-sauce!