Sunday, June 13, 2010

call out for artists to join sydney writing project

Call out for artists interested in contributing to quirky writing project:

Street art's punk defiance gives it a layer of meaning other art doesn't have. It's the screaming urge to say something - an altruistic desire to communicate - that is so moving.

Imagine a 'street fiction writer' with a similar idea. Instead of pasting and painting walls, a writer would hit up a bus or train with short stories. How would that work?

A writer called Galileo Galilei emailed me about a project he started just like this. He writes short stories and leaves them on buses and trains for people to find and read.

Galileo explained what the project was about:

"I used to lurk DeviantArt a whole lot, and it annoyed me that there were a heap of great artists and writers out there that nobody really knew about. I figured maybe i could inspire people to bring their work to the masses in an unconventional way.

So i start writing short stories, puttin' them in little books, photocopying a tonne of them and leavin' them on public transport, mostly trains, for commuters to read. I left instructions in the back on what it was and how to do the same, hopin' it would catch on. Just a few pages, no feature length novel.

I've been into street art for a while, and i like the idea of making something beautiful for the sake of making something beautiful. I figure it could catch on, whether it be stories, comics, whatever. Seeing the trouble people go to paint and wheatpaste, i know they have the capacity to make something out of this."

Galileo is looking for someone to put images to his stories, like a cartoon strip.

Here's Galileo's Babushka Dreams. It uses a short, sharp and fragmented narrative. There is no dialogue. Click the thumbnail to read on:

To find out more go to his MySpace or email him at

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Anonymous said...

What a great idea. I'd be happy to find an original piece of writing on the bus. It would kkill the boredom.