Thursday, August 12, 2010

Video: Living Decay

LIVING DECAY - a portrait of a changing landscape - from nulli versi on Vimeo.
This doco features two street artists working in the lush Norwegian countryside.

To the voiceover of pioneer 1970s street artist John Fekner, they make huge stencils on the walls of abandoned homes.

They do this under amber skies as birds and bees make love in the green hills and craggy mountains behind them.

Skip to 1m 30s and you'll see these artists at work, cutting paper, tracing designs, organising paint cans.

The overall feeling I get from this doco is sadness. Not the pleasurable catharsis of something like Romeo & Juliet - just emptiness.

The stencils are great. Check out the gorilla with a banana to its head (like a pistol) and the paraplegic who stands up and walks.

Here's a grab from the Living Decay site:

"In the summer of 2008 Dolk and Pøbel, two talented Norwegian street artists, took on the challenge of Lofoten Islands countryside in Norway to create large-scale murales on the faces of abandoned houses which are about to be demolished.

The documentary opens and closes with the narration by the American artist John Fekner, pioneer of 70’ street art.

Features paintings by DOLK, PØBEL and LOFOTEN LANDSCAPE."

See more here.

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