Monday, July 25, 2011

German street artists: Herakut


Herakut is an attractive German art duo that gets regular coverage on street art blogs.

As happens with other artists, I had an existential crisis as I watched this video about them.

Herakut - OneThirty3 from onethirty3 on Vimeo.

In a moment of clarity I wondered which one - their names are Hera and Akut - I was more attracted to. I mean, they're both keut artists with keut accents, so it was hard to avoid falling for their likeable creative brand.

But I was just sooo confused about which one I wanted inside me.

Then I imagined them necking in a department store change room. I was caught up. I heard Mariah Carey singing 'Fantasy' in the distance, her voice wet with reverb.

As I played their interview over and over I hoped they'd have babies to save me from this post-Banksy world.

They have a real When Harry Met Sally vibe, don't they?

Now, when Herakut Google themselves and see this blog post, will they give each other awkward glances and make excuses to swap shirts? Or will they stammer as they discuss the foibles of meme-centric publicity?

I don't know. All I have is questions and a desire to get to know you through my own thoughts.

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