Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Banksy creates surprising anti-capitalist Simpsons intro

I wouldn't call this subversive, but the new Simpsons intro Banksy made takes a departure from the regular sequences which open the show.

It features dreary shots of weary Asians working on a production line. They make Simpsons merchandise in depressing sweatshop conditions.

The music is melancholic at best.

Does this glorify the anti-status quo messages in Banksy's art?
Is 20th Century Fox having a laugh at its own questionable production methods?

I think neither. But the intro has done what it was designed for - hitting 'refresh' on an oft-boring show by going a bit viral.


Bart said...

This reminds me of Simpsons circa 1993.

It'll never go back to that time though.

Chief Wiggum said...

Really, the Simpsons has always been a great source of social commentary. Banksy or no Banksy.

Acid Midget said...

Agreed, agreed.

Fox should get Banksy to do more storyboards.