Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Chippendale wall gets sexy **UPDATED**

(Grafton St, Chippendale, Sydney)

I was expecting a few more artists to get up in Chippendale after my previous posts.

However, the legal Grafton Street wall only had a couple of new pieces since then.

The Audrey I posted previously was by Blue Chip, but this one to the left I'm not sure.

The head is a little elongated, lips are too fat, nostrils are too far down.

Then that lo-fi 1970s porn star on the right - her snatch 'censored' by a toy tiger - is very eye-catching.


Eye of the Tiger?

She is swathed in yellow, black and purple. These are the colours of lustful embrace, as deep moonlight filters through the bedroom blinds and lights her limbs.

Uhn yeah.


Found this photo on SMC3's website. Check the painting on the easel:


Stencil wall in Chippendale has heaps of character

Chippendale stencils part II

Audrey Hepburn stencil by Blue Chip


Colin Hubert said...

I think that Konsumterra did the Audrey paste up, and the porno figure, then probably Skel did her fearsome pussy

Acid Midget said...

Your guess is as good as mine.
Either way, i like how you call the tiger a fearsome pussy.
That one kicks twice. Good.

Skel said...

That shots all Konsumterra, the single brick is skel