Friday, November 5, 2010

URBAN ADVENTURE: An abandoned building in Sydney

(All images; Kippax St, Surry Hills, Sydney)

So I zipped around the News Limited building at the corner of Kippax and Holt Streets yesterday.

I couldn't find the place. "Shit," I thought.

Then I spotted a massive JUMBO poster on a wall a little further down and knew I'd found it.

It was the holy grail; the abandoned building which was "graffiti fucking heaven".

Problem. There was no obvious entry. The lift looked dead. The floor was unsteady. There was little evidence of where to giz-o. 

Seems someone felt the same, so they wrote it in red marker. "How do you get in?"

Fucking magnets - how do they work?

Love this job. Being a blogger should be restricted to the top fifth percentile of humanity. What would be the criteria of restrictions on that one? I think Perez Hilton and Carles should be the ones to set them.


I was in Japan in August. Yes, Hello Kitty is like a virus over there. Grown fucking women were decked out in merch (was kinda sexy though).

However, this is the baddest-ass version of Hello Pussie I've ever seen. She's riding around Tokyo with bayonets and bazookas. Damn.


Ronald McDonald kills Mickey Mouse


Unknown said...

You were in the wrong spot.
If you go down to Elizabeth St and turn left, walk up to the parking meter and the entrance is right there.
You'll know you are there because all of the walls in the entryway are covered in paste ups and sticker art.
If you know someone who lives there or can find someone to let you in for a look the place is amazing all the walls in the stairwell are covered. I've been there once but was way too wasted to stand in stairs taking photos.

Acid Midget said...

I found my way in a couple of weeks ago.
I took a camera in there and went ape shit.
It's an awesome building, just awesome.
I do happen to know someone who lives there (hi Jess).
I'll have a post with those pics very soon!
Do you work for any newspapers in Sydney?

Unknown said...

No i don't work for any papers. I used to work the clubs for the street press, but nothing since then.