Friday, December 17, 2010

Bondi bomb stencil

(Hall St, Bondi, Sydney)

I walked to the Westpac ATM to withdraw cash so I could get all up in that Ricepot, a Thai restaurant in Bondi.

She was waiting for me there. I knew she was nervous. We held hands as we walked in but we let go when a short, smiling waitress approached us.

Inside the restaurant I saw a CASH ONLY sign. Fuck, I thought. I told my lady I only had plastic, and then I told her I only had a credit card. I said it was because I didn't have any cash. She said that would be because I only had a credit card.

I left.

I walked down to the ATM to get some dead presidents (nb. in Australia we call cash 'Dead Queens') (nb. we don't actually call it that).

I looked to the ground, a little dishevelled, and saw this bomb stencilled on the wall.

The woman in front of me took her cash from the machine and walked off, but I was still looking down.

I felt like I was ticking inside. Perhaps I'm just counting down to my own combustion.

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