Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Melbourne: Hosier Lane street art (pt. 2)

Here's the second installment of Hosier Lane stencils and paste-ups from my Melbourne trip.

I'm heading back there in a matter of hours. Hoping I find a few pieces for you.


I'm still really into these posters. It's not just that they're anti-consumerist and hilarious. They have presence, and that's saying something, as they are among some of the best street art and graff in Australia.

I'd be curious to know if Steez did this before Prime Minister Julia Gillard knifed Kevin Rudd. I just feel sorry for Rudd. According to this Flickr photo, this paste-up is at least a year old; pre-dating the Rudd-Gillard 'execution'.

This man reminds me of someone. Greens leader Bob Brown? Every other 50+ businessman ever born?

Step back, getting horny.

Yes, some street artists address the fact their works are outside a 'conventional gallery' by using frames.

I've seen these 'found object trash sculptures' in Sydney too.

We live in a fragile world? Shit yeah.


Simple expressionistic posters. Love.

Hahaha. Just think of how many people DON'T say this phrase, but think it regularly.

For non-Australians, the Banksia is one of our native wildflowers.

More beautiful trash.

A live wheatpaste. 

Here are some more Shepard Fairey pieces. They're permanent, backlit works. I think they add colour and arouse pedestrian intrigue in the lane.

However, I'm tempted to call these advertisements.

Fuck it. These are advertisements.


Melbourne street art - Hosier Lane

Electronic device sculpture in Hosier Lane

Melbourne Council destroys Banksy stencil

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