Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Interview: Sydney artist Beastman

 (All images supplied by Brad Eastman)

Brad Eastman has become a household name in Australian urban and street art since he began exhibiting several years ago.

Using his name to create the portmanteau Beastman, the richly-detailed creatures he paints are at once intimidating and attractive. These playful, genderless beasts populate a parallel world, much like in Maurice Sendak's Where the Wild Things Are.

Other imagery Eastman uses includes repetitive geometric shapes, such as those found in nature, and a repetition of eyes. His beasts also personify kings, queens and cigarette smokers in angst.

Stylistically, Eastman has attributed his influences to a number of artists - Kill Pixie being one of the most obvious.

More recently, Eastman received a SMAC Awards nomination in the Best Artist category. Results were pending at the time publication.

I contacted Eastman recently to ask about the SMAC Awards, projects he's currently working on and what 2011 will hold for him.

What are you thoughts on the SMAC award nomination for best Sydney artist? Were you surprised?

I actually didn’t even know I was nominated until a friend told me... But yes I was surprised. It's refreshing to know that the people of Sydney are paying attention to the type of artwork I create, and the hard work I put into it.

What pieces/murals are you working on at the moment?

In a couple of weeks I have a big mural job for FBi Radio in Sydney, and another mural job up in Byron Bay for Stone & Wood Brewery.

What upcoming exhibitions will you be involved in?

I haven’t got many exhibitions planned for 2011, this year I will be concentrating my efforts toward some other interesting projects... I will have a couple of new paintings in the Empty Exhibition which is at Ambush Gallery in Sydney on 22 April.

What's the most unusual thing you've experienced recently?

I purchased a brand new suit the other day for my upcoming wedding... That was a pretty unusual experience.

What will keep you busy in 2011?

This year I have a bunch of different projects coming up – the [weAREtheIMAGEmakers] Book, the 12x12 Exhibition, a photography exhibition... Plus I'm getting married and travelling around the world with my new wife, this will obviously be the highlight of the year.

For more Beastman visit his website.

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Acid Midget said...

Congrats to Beastman for winning the best artist SMAC award!

See the results at smacawards.com.