Monday, January 31, 2011

NEWTOWN: Will Coles phone sculpture

(King Street, Newtown, Sydney)

I waited outside the clothing store red-faced. I wasn't angry. I was angry. Yes, I was angry. Carlos was inside browsing for outfits for the party.

He made me wait for everything. Daily. The sleepyhead makes me wait until noon every Saturday 2 get breakfast at Cafe C. Trouble is, I don't even like the place - but he loves it. Then he spends more time flirting with the waiters than talking 2 me.

He also makes me give head first. Then when we 'pound', as an Italian friend calls it, I have to wait for him to come. That routinely takes 45 minutes. Chafing.

Dis outfit will be sexxi, Carlos said in the store. He held a magenta tank top against his torso.
Well hurry. The party starts in two hours and I still haven't ironed a shirt, I said.
Don worry poo poo. I'll be quick.

I hate when he calls me poo poo. I threw my backhand in the air, spun and walked out without speaking.

Watching punks and fags and bums walk King Street calmed me.

My eyes meandered over to a Will Coles sculpture glued against a sandstone wall. Seeing his work surprises me and I took an involuntarily shortsharp breath. The only time I've done that was when I saw Daniel Johns smoking outside an empty cafe in Darlinghurst on Christmas Eve, 2008.

Carlos made me tired. He made me feel powerless. I was used to it though, like when your parents get angry on cue after you drop a glass on the floor, or they catch you pissing in the backyard.

But I felt a change coming on. I was sick of the comfort this relationship gave me. It was time to get out.

Know how I know? Each time Carlos says he loves me I feel nothing.


Will said...

& now the phone has gone. there is nothing where 'nothing' was.

Thanks for the story. :)

Acid Midget said...

No worries Will.

I hope the blog can preserve a fraction of what you've created :)