Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Banksy identity revealed: Tom Hanks


Some website called Wooster Collective has blogged a mixed media piece by an artist called Hanksy.

This provides the final clue to the goose chase street art fanatics call 'Finding the Holy Grail'.

We've found out who Banksy is. He is US graffiti artist Tom Hanks!

Film critics can rest easy knowing those movies were shit for a reason. They were a cover for Hanks' graffiti career.

Acid Midget can reveal that Hanks is currently producing and starring in a film called Exit Through the Forrest Gump.

The film follows the story of an artist named Banksy as he rises to fame in the street art world. He then sets up an artist called Hanksy with an exhibition but eventually loses control of the film's narrative.

Hanksy takes over, becomes a star and now sends me too many mail-outs to buy prints of artworks he created but are ironically too shit to be worthy for hanging on a cement render wall covered in cheap ceiling paint and behind-the-bed-head finger stains.

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