Saturday, May 14, 2011

Slug graffiti on railway track

(Near Redfern Station, Sydney. Image editing by MK.)

Slug is an asshole. Of all the places he could bomb it had to be in the middle of the railway.

I see this dirty dog tag every morning as I write about the freaks who use CityRail.

But the biggest freak has to be that fucking dog.

Did you enjoy it, Slug, running across the tracks at around 3am, puffs of steam climbing from your mouth as you ducked under the fence? Was the steel cold on your skin? Was your heart pounding as an Ironlak can slipped in your sweaty palm?

I tried shooting this piece with an iPhone. I tried three days in a row, but the shutter was just too slow.

So I took an SLR and got this shot. Acid Midget is a street art blog 'usually' made with an iPhone.

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