Friday, September 16, 2011

Sydney horse graffiti

(Found at Erksineville, Sydney. Submitted by Jane Dent)

Someone has turned a lifeless splash of render into a galloping horse.

I saw freehand paintings on the streets of Rome, Florence and Barcelona last month and I'm getting right into it. Maybe stencils and posters have peaked and 'street painters' are here to reinvigorate the movement? Could they be more 'authentic' than graff writers?



Yes. Hmm. Yes, I think of Da Vinci's Horse when I look at that wall. P'haps if Da Vinci fried chorizo burger canvas was alive today he'd be a street artist. Straddling the cusp.

Yes. Hmm. Yes.

The first image was generously submitted by Sydney-based graffiti photographer Jane Dent. See more of her work on Flickr and RedBubble.

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