Monday, September 19, 2011

SAO PAULO: Space Invader

French street artist Invader is up on that ladder. He's sticking one of his famous mosaics on a wall somewhere in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Two guys are looking on. On the left is Mr Brainwash, on the right is Banksy.


Apparently this was Invader's first South American invasion. That's good, because there are enough of his mosaics in Paris to last until the French Ninth Republique. It's about time he ventured out. Like his forebear.

Napoleon Bonaparte.

According to Unurth, Invader used Brazilian tiles to create his alien artworks. I can't imagine he'd actually want to ship French tiles across the world. Profit margins drop, social life suffers.


One of my best memories of seeing Invader's work was a massive piece, like this one here, at Brick Lane in London. I wasn't feeling well at the time. I'd been awake for two days and hadn't eaten and it was late afternoon and my body clock was shlocking to a halt.

I don't remember much about that afternoon, but I remember that black and white mosaic. I wonder how many young Brazilians will see Invader the way I have?

See more Invadeur here.


Space Invader arrested in LA

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