Wednesday, May 30, 2012

New Banksy stencils

Banksy recently updated his website and Acid Midget thought it was worth hosting some of the works here. His name was all over the web and trending on Twitter while I was in Southeast Asia, and I'm still catching up on what went on in that time.

I liked a recent post on London-based Hooked Blog detailing the influx of Australian artists visiting and moving to London, getting up. You might remember a recent Facebook update I published on Bridge Stehli and Ben Frost; Stehli is currently living in London and was hanging out with Frost as recently as last week. Seems like the place to be for many.

Stay posted for a wrap-up in the coming days of street art I found in Southeast Asia. And leave a comment to let me know if you love/hate/covet these Banksy pieces.

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