Thursday, June 14, 2012

Global street art: Shanghai to Sydney

An enormous amount of street art is shared on blogs and social networks every day; a virtual gallery where artworks live beyond the confines of weathered reality. Forever. This has fostered a global community in which artists receive wider recognition for their work - finding audiences they otherwise would not.

But what about sharing art between cities, rather than hard drives? Ben Frost found success with this idea through his Pastemodernism projects, inviting hundreds of artists around the globe to submit posters for exhibition. After corresponding with Shanghai-based artist Clive for close to a year - during which time I interviewed him and blogged his paste-ups - I thought of bringing some of his work in Sydney. So I asked him to send some pieces.

I contacted Sydney artist Fukt and asked if he'd like to join the project. He was interested. Clive hand-painted the posters and sent them to me.

A few weeks later I received a package from "Hugh Jass". WTF, I thought. But sure enough, inside it were Clive's posters, tinged with the smell of paint and cigarette ash. I handed them over to Fukt as he painted the IKEA stencil not long ago. You can see that here.

In the photo above, you'll see one of the posters in Camperdown as of Thursday last week. Fukt thought a good spot to paste was along Parramatta Rd - one of the busiest, most congested roads in Australia.

See below for more. And let me know if you want to see more projects like these.

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