Wednesday, January 27, 2010

dashed expectations

Good God Small Club has the character of a seedy 70s Latino coke club that has waitresses in red + black fuck me frocks and a cards room upstairs, dimly lit because the cigars are so good.

But in reality Good God is overrated, empty before 12am and has tiny toilet cisterns dripping in piss – a real pain for ravers that like their chips salted.

And the doorbitch is ACTUALLY a bitch. Thought she was supposed to "put an act on" to make the club look "cool" and like it "doesn’t need you".

While i was there i had to get a mid-dance burger around 11pm. On the way back I saw It’s Free on this H-beam. Yes it is free sir, but not for the carload of douche-filters pulled over by this cop.

Got back into the club and saw Shit Robot do his tech-house thing. Seems my dashed expectations helped me appreciate how fresh and indie this club is. Almost like no one runs it.


Zilka said...

i am so, so glad you gave that door bitch a bad wrap. this entire post is spot on.

Acid Midget said...

yes she was the bitch's bitch.

miss u La Campana male stripper dancing during rank hens night...

sb. said...

the fact that you found another "It's Free" made me smile.

Acid Midget said...

glad to make you happy sb.

there are many more around surry hills and newtown.

smiles for everyone.