Monday, January 25, 2010

a little too happy

Went to Beck's Festival Bar at Hyde Park Barracks on Friday to see Trevor Jackson and Aeroplane as part of the Sydney Festival.

Walked in and my night was made. After she gave me her number i saw this conceptual silent film projected on the facade of the barracks museum.

The display was as big as the building, with a profusion of psychedelic colours pulled straight from a packet of Jelly Bellys. 

The images were simple in conception but complexly designed. They flashed, smashed into jagged pieces, swirled like a sandstorm. Such drama needed a soundtrack and that's what it got with Trevor Jizzle's tech house mash-up before Aeroplane's Vito De Luca hosed the crowd down in his own cream.

Had a great boogie woogie on the dancefloor. Music was happy. I was happy. We were happy.

But the crowd was a little too cool. Outfits were a little too perfect. We were all a little too drunk. The smell of hydro wafted from a crowd of hipsters at the rear of the venue. Can't tell if they were from Newtown or the North Shore.

Miss u Mozman...

Seemed no one took much notice of this Midori and lemonade feature because they were too busy "connecting" with each other on a "deeper level" than sobriety could provide. The bubbles floated to the top of the building as inside a paleolithic schooner.

This building is where convicts, shipped from the motherland, were consigned to begin building Sydney.

They'd be so proud to see us now.

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