Friday, February 12, 2010

you'll swear it does

Saw this bow chalk drawing near the corner of Francis and Riley Sts, Darlinghurst.

They're relatively common and you may have spotted one or two as you conduct whatever "business" you do in alleyways.

So pretty, so endearing. They're a reminder there's a gift at every corner.

But, um, if you look closely you'll swear it looks like a penis.


Anonymous said...

I once gave my bf a present. It was a letter wrapped with a bow.

Inside the letter was a greasy cloth.

Within the cloth was a surprise.

The surprise was a condom I'd used to sleep with his best friend, who showed me videos of my bf fucking another girl while we were dating.

I found out months later that you can edit videos. Apparently you can layer videos together. And apparently my ex-bf's friend was the guy in the sex tape.

Acid Midget said...

Wow, what a surprise.

Sorry for your loss.

I love you x