Thursday, February 18, 2010

very nuanced

(Gladstone St, Surry Hills)

I found myself pissing on the wall of a restaurant well after 12am the other night. Like other men might experience, i drank too many beers and decided this little street would "do the job".

As i went for it a man brought garbage out the back of the venue. If it wasn't for some wheelie bins between us he would've caught me wet-handed.

Saw It's Free again. This one was placed over a splash of asphalt/grime.

Look at each letter in this tag; it's very nuanced, non?


Hey Hey said...

over the weekend in melbourne noticed this same slogan in a wall mounted glass menu cabinet outside a restaurant on brunswick street melbourne. could have been the answer to the riddle but couldn't be assed taking three steps back to read any fine print. i guess it's lost with the sands of time for another 5000 years or so

Acid Midget said...

Aaah interesting find :) You should've taken a snap with your reflection in the glass [via glass+sunlight].

How was Melbs?