Wednesday, March 10, 2010

air gallery pt. 1

Homeless Man Pushes His House Uphill

2010, mixed media in space-time


Air Gallery at Devonshire St , Surry Hills


Zilka said...

don't you mean...mixed media in the space-time continuum?

Acid Midget said...

Yeah sorry abt that. I'll be sure to enunciate a theory of relativity subtext in the next Air Gallery post.

Hey Hey said...

i used to see this guy all the time. he pushes this trolley from his unit on devonshire (yes that's right, his unit) all the way down to martin place to beg EVERY DAY. it's a full time job for this rodent looking man and wouldn't be surprised if he does alright out of it

Anonymous said...

he shined my shoes once