Monday, March 8, 2010


(Wandsworth Bridge, London)

In this installation a little bro is struggling to "get it up".

His kite is "gravity's bitch" and the slight hunch with which he stands suggests he's a bit fed up.

"Fuck this kite, mang,'' he says.

"I'm gonna go to Maria's house and face my infidelities. I've been a little bit bad."

Then the wind begins to pick up.

This was shot further back from the installation.

Created by Slinkachu, this shows not all street art needs to be subversive, cynical or "bomb" for effect.

Makes you realise so much goes unnoticed in the streets.


Anonymous said...

This proves size doesn't count.

Zilka said...

midgets on the midget. i like.

Acid Midget said...

gladylad you're feeling slinks. makes me happy.